Restoration Legacy Crew

Restoration Legacy Crew

Restoration Legacy Crew RLC

The Restoration Legacy Crew (RLC) is an all-volunteer public service organization dedicated to maintaining hiking trails within the Angeles National Forest (San Gabriel Mountains National Monument) in Southern California.

We work under the safety and policy oversight of the Los Angeles Gateway District of the U.S. Forest Service, removing obstructions from hiking trails, establishing stair steps with rocks to afford easier passage through steep sections of the trail, cutting back brush, and all of the other work that is needed to restore and maintain hiking trails.

If you would like to join the RLC and work in the forest to repair trails for the hiking, backpacking, and camping community, please email us, and be sure to check out the menu items on the left side of your screen to see some of our previous work!

Right now we are working on Tom Sloan Trail which has significant sections of the trail obscured by heavy brush and sections that have gone missing due to erosion.

The Restoration Legacy Crew updates this web site periodically and there is no guarantee that the information provided on this web site is accurate or up-to-date despite our efforts to check and verify the information provided. If you find anything to be inaccurate on this web site, please email us.